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We offer a wide selection of fragrances that will fill any place with original aromas spreading a positive aura around. Choose from floral, fruity or oriental compositions that will satisfy even the most demanding noses. Choose Mi Bellumi.

About Us

We are a Polish company that produces aromatizers for the interior under the Mi Bellumi brand. Our products can be found in the permanent offer on foreign markets. Based on the compositions of leading European producers, we choose captivating fragrances and close them in charming packages to accompany and satisfy your sense of smell.

Mi Bellumi products

Discover our scented sachets, which are a great way to introduce and maintain a pleasant fragrance for a long time in places such as a wardrobe, a underwear drawe or a handbag. Get inspired by the smell of small elegant bags made of shiny organza, which while releasing the fragrance, can fill a pleasant aroma with a drawer, wardrobe or accompany in the car. Take care of a pleasant smell in the interiors, thanks to the scented gel balls. Fill the space, surrounding it with the aroma of scented sticks, which, in addition to their usefullness, are also a decorative element.

Our Products


Scented sachets

Classic Line

Citrus note

Green Tea and Lemon Grass



Aphrodisiac Line

Sandalwood and narcisse

Pepper and vanille

Seasonal Line

Apple and cinnamon

Orange and clove

Love in the air


Scented pouches


Strawberry and kiwi

Citrus and tangerine


Gel air freshner



Forest fruits


Green tea


Forest Fruit

Night-scented Stock


lily of the valley



Reed diffusers


Japanese Jasmine

Vanilla of Madagascar

Hawaiian cocktail

Paris Love Potion








Our products can be found on store shelves from Europe all the way to Asia. We work with the largest retail chains and distributors in several countries on both continents. We not only provide branded Mi Bellumi products, but also proudly help our partners create their own brands. If you are also thinking about the product line under your brand - let us know! For more information about distribution and own brands, write to: office@mibellumi.eu or call +48 668 662 622


We are open for cooperation

How can you define smell?

Mi Bellumi

Scientific research has confirmed that smell can affect physiological responses and the psychophysical structure of people. There is also talk of the phenomenon of olfactory memory. The olfactory sensations are remembered easily and permanently, creating an important emotional setting for human experiences. Fragrances make it easy to recall old, seemingly forgotten memories, they are strong memory tips. We would like our fragrance trinkets, such as scented sachets, scented pouches, diffusers with sticks and scented gel balls, to be present in your homes for good!