An easy, quick and inexpensive way to transform your interior!

Many people, wanting to refresh the existing appearance of the living room, kitchen or bedroom, wonder how to change the interior in an inexpensive way. An effective change of the apartment does not require a huge renovation, because it can be achieved by applying a few simple tricks. Quick room makeover, will allow us to […]

Many people, wanting to refresh the existing appearance of the living room, kitchen or bedroom, wonder how to change the interior in an inexpensive way. An effective change of the apartment does not require a huge renovation, because it can be achieved by applying a few simple tricks. Quick room makeover, will allow us to refresh the interior, without spending colossal amounts of money. What can we do to change the appearance of the interior, which we are bored of? Check it out!

How does the atmosphere around us affect our mood?

Sometimes we may not realize how the environment affects a person. Some people feel good in rooms with small dimensions. However, it is proven that any interior – no matter how small, large, dark, bright, dirty, green or fragrant – affects our mood, on a subconscious level of the mind. Therefore, we should decorate the interior of our home in such a way that it evokes only positive feelings in us and allows us to relax. Instead of saving up for an expensive renovation, you can start making practical, quick and easy changes today to feel better.

Learn three easy steps on how to transform your interior…

There are proven and easy ways on how to change your interior without a lot of money. An inexpensive makeover of your living room can completely transform its appearance. On the other hand, proper arrangement of furniture in the room and decorative home accessories will make us feel better. How to arrange the interior without a general overhaul? Another way is interesting in terms of style decorations and fragrant additives to the house. We must remember that we perceive the environment through different senses: smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing. Therefore, every now and then you should use decorative elements, affecting the senses, to refresh the living room or bedroom to positively stimulate the senses and affect the well-being.

Step 1 – redecorate and additions

To change the appearance of a particular interior in the apartment, we do not have to immediately buy new furniture. It is enough that we change their arrangement, and the senses will already begin to perceive the new environment differently. Furthermore, additions such as fragrance to the living room, interesting gadgets on the shelves or colorful decorations, strongly affect the change of mood. Fresh air and aroma floating in the room, will positively affect mood. It is also worth using a scent for the closet, which will refresh clothes. What else can we do to create a surprising effect at home?

Rearrange the furniture to feel the good vibes

Many people wonder what the benefits of redecorating are, is it even worth it? Of course it is. If you rearrange the furniture, the interior will not only change visually, but also feel a different flow of energy – vibration. Every piece of furniture and object transmits waves in the range of which we are. Improper furniture can cause a negative impact on our mood, the space will seem cramped and suffocating. Therefore, it is worth rearranging the furniture in such a way as to obtain a more spacious interior.

Change the accessories – carpets, cushions, frames and gadgets

Decorating your home without spending a lot of money should be based primarily on changing small accessories. These seemingly small changes result in an interesting arrangement of the house. Decorative gadgets for the interior in the right colors introduce a pleasant atmosphere and affect the mood. Grey interior of the living room can be enlivened and warmed up, for example by using pillows or photo frames in vivid, bright colors (orange, green or yellow). On the other hand, home accessories, such as carpets, will change the look of the floor in relation to the whole room. It’s a good idea to match them with the furniture or color theme. Light-colored rugs give the impression that the floor is visually larger. On the other hand, decorative pots and other gadgets on the shelves, add character to the interior.

Get inspired by ready-made color combinations! ♥

Enter a theme or color scheme

Fashionable interior design does not have to be expensive at all. We can create a unique theme in each room, which will emphasize its character. A quick room makeover can reflect the mood of summer, autumn, spring or winter. Just use gadgets that we associate with a particular season or holidays. For example: Easter – yellow decorations; Christmas – red; spring – earth tones; winter – white and decorations resembling snowflakes. It is important to determine what theme of the arrangement we want to achieve in a particular room. Before choosing colors, we should carefully consider which tone will be the leading one. Using too many colors is not recommended, because it may introduce chaos and make it difficult to concentrate.

If the main color is white or its shades, it is worth using accessories and gadgets in color: red, green, yellow, etc. Each color evokes associations and emotions. What is important is its intensity, which should not “strike” us in the eye, but be subdued – appropriate to the leading color. In rooms with vivid or dark colors, contrasting elements will work perfectly. Remember, that a color theme consists of a dominant color and its shades. In the case of bedrooms, blue and its derivatives work well, as it is associated with blue skies. When combined with small yellow elements, it can create the effect of a starry sky or a blooming glade on a sunny day. In turn, introducing the right fragrance to the bedroom, will additionally calm our body and mind and positively affect sleep.

The theme in the interior should consist of elements that evoke positive associations or pleasant memories.

For example: pillows, frames or carpet in bright colors, which we associate with summer and warm sunshine.

Step 2 – Air quality and indoor plants

Air quality has a huge impact on how we feel. Fresh air makes the interior feel larger and more spacious. Polluted air, on the other hand, makes us feel overwhelmed and our room or bedroom looks cramped. A positive effect can be achieved by introducing plants that filter the air. Houseplants remove pollutants from the air and give the interior a fresh effect with their natural colors. Potted plants can be placed on a windowsill or shelf to introduce a nature theme. Plants that filter the air in the home, will positively affect our physical as well as mental state.

How does air quality affect your mood?

The quality of the air in the rooms in which we live affects our health. If the air is clean and fresh, we will adequately oxygenate our body during rest. This will improve the quality of sleep, strengthen concentration and general well-being during the day. Even a cramped space filled with fresh air becomes lighter. Therefore, it is worthwhile to ventilate every room as often as possible – just a few minutes a day with an open window is enough to completely replace the air with fresh air and get rid of unpleasant smells from the interior.

Ensure frequent ventilation and appropriate air humidity

Adequate air humidity has a positive effect on the ease of breathing. Therefore, especially in winter, we should set a container with water next to working radiators or hang wet towels on radiators. This method is especially recommended to people who feel irritation in the throat after the night. Also important is the inflow of fresh air into the house. How often to ventilate the apartment? In winter, it is worth opening the window several times a day, but for 5 minutes – often, but briefly.  In the summer, on the other hand, windows can be left ajar 24 hours a day. It is also worth letting fresh air into the bedroom before going to bed to make it easier to fall asleep.

Plants – the best ally to refresh the interior

We already know that good air quality affects health and well-being. What else can we do in this direction? Air filtering plants, which remove excess carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air around us, work well. This is especially applicable in the bedroom, as plants release oxygen at night when we sleep. It’s also a good way to go about how to remove unpleasant odors from your home. Green potted plants, also have a positive effect on eyesight and create a natural atmosphere. Air-filtering plants are an interesting addition to any interior

Hints: fiddleheads, sanseweria, common ivy, dracaena, epipremnum, or fern will be very valuable allies in your home!

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Step 3 – Beautiful smell

There is a lot of evidence about how smell affects human functioning. The right fragrance for the bedroom has a calming effect and improves the quality of sleep. In turn, the smell for the bathroom, can energize, for example during a refreshing morning bath. In Mibellumi’s offer you will find fragrances that complement the atmosphere we want to create in a particular room. In addition, they have different forms – sachets, sticks or gel balls. So you can place them in anywhere.

Choosing the right fragrance for the occasion.

We can achieve a pleasant fragrance at home by using different products and the fragrance notes they contain. Sachets will introduce a pleasant fragrance into your closet, for example in winter choose the Seasonal line. The fragrances for the closet make clothes smell pleasant. In the bedroom, an exclusive smell can be obtained by using a diffuser with an aromatic fragrance from the Aphrodisiac line. The smell for the kitchen, coming from reed diffusers from the Classic line, can introduce an energizing atmosphere and encourage cooking. The scent for the bathroom, hidden in fragrant gel balls will freshen up the air and eliminate unpleasant smells.

Functional fragrances

Fragrances can be changed appropriately for each occasion. During work, an energizing fragrance, such as Yuzu&Lime, works well. While in the living room, we can place a reed diffuser with a calming effect, such as Magnolia. In the bedroom, you can create an atmosphere of sensuality thanks to oriental mutants in the diffuser with a scent of Japanese Jasmine.

Why you should change the space?

Quick change of the interior brings many advantages and does not necessarily have to generate high costs. It is enough to apply a few simple tricks, and the interior will take on a completely different tone. You can easily change the space thanks to

  • quick rearrangement of the room – changing the settings and using decorative accessories in the room, will quickly change the interior, evoking positive feelings.
  • the quality of the air in the home – which affects our well-being, so it is advisable to ventilate rooms as often as possible and purchase air-purifying plants.
  • pleasant fragrances – which affect our senses, stimulate or calm down. In the offer of Mibellumi you will find a favorite scent for every occasion!

Impressive change of dwelling does not have to be associated with large expenses, if we think carefully about how to fit decorative elements. Each arrangement over time becomes boring, so even small changes in the appearance of the interior will positively affect our mood. Applying simple methods, we can obtain a surprising effect. ♥

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