Differentiation of space with scent– a guide on how to do it?

It is a well-known fact that the smell that surrounds us has a huge impact on us. Not only does it change the way we perceive the world around us, but it also influences the way we feel on a given day. Every day we are surrounded by hundreds of different scents, not necessarily the […]

It is a well-known fact that the smell that surrounds us has a huge impact on us. Not only does it change the way we perceive the world around us, but it also influences the way we feel on a given day. Every day we are surrounded by hundreds of different scents, not necessarily the pleasant ones and those we like the most. That is why, when we are at home, it is worth taking care that we smell only good and nice fragrance in the room. Read the article, and you will find out how to take care of a good mood by introducing a smell and why to vary the aroma in a particular place.

What is smell?

Smell is characterized by chemical compounds and their mixtures which we perceive constantly. The main role of smell is therefore to stimulate the sense of smell. Scents are extremely important in our lives, but we do not always appreciate their significance. Many times they decide on our choices, influence our health, behavior and emotions.

Some aromas can induce relaxation and drowsiness (lavender, melissa, chamomile), refresh (ginger, chocolate, licorice) or conversely cause irritation and anxiety (unpleasant scents such as sweat, unwashed dishes, overflowing trash can).

Scent in the home space – what is important?

You already know that your environment and the scent in it affect you. So what can you do to make sure your home smells nice and subtly enveloping?

It’s simple! Make sure the air in your home is fresh and clean.

Good air quality is key to feeling energized during the day and pleasantly relaxed in the evening.

It is advisable to ventilate all rooms every few days or so to get rid of unpleasant smells. Don’t like drafts? That’s okay, just open the window for a few minutes every morning to change the air to clean, humid air.

You can place dishes of water near a heat source or a wet towel on the radiator to increase the humidity in your home. Optimal humidity is around 60 – 70%. This is especially important in the winter when the radiators are running at top speed. Air that is too dry can irritate the respiratory tract. Avoid it!

What else can be done to improve the smell in the room? It is worth introducing your favorite aroma in the form of, for example, a diffuser with aroma sticks, whose scent will be associated with something pleasant.

Finding the right smell can have many advantages – a favorite aroma will allow you to relax and return to nice memories, but also to stimulate the senses and give yourself positive energy during the day or maintain focus while working at home.

Interior differentiation – what scents to choose for your home to feel good?

When choosing the best fragrance for your home, you should be guided primarily by your own fragrance preferences.

A beautiful scent can be introduced in many ways.

As one leading fragrance composition in the whole house, or by differentiating fragrance notes in each room.

The choice depends on the function that the scent is supposed to fulfill.

When choosing an aromatic theme, make sure it suits all members of the household. To maximize the effect, select fragrance additives according to the same notes contained in the products. For example, you may find it helpful to place Yuzu&Lime scented sticks with an energizing citrus scent in several places or in the center, depending on the size of your home. You’ll also find it helpful to use sachets of Citrus fragrance with Antitabac properties, or a refreshing sachet of Green Tea and Lemongrass, which will blend perfectly with the scent of the diffuser and fill the inside of cabinets, drawers, dressers, or even the laundry basket with a wonderful, clean scent.

If you decide that one fragrance is definitely not enough for you, choose complementary fragrances, for example from the same fragrance group – floral, fruity or spicy. This will give each room an individual flair while remaining cohesive. We recommend reed diffuser Magnolia as it is the most intense scent and the first one to be smelled. Additionally, you can add scented Hibiscus gel balls or scented sachets with the aroma of Lavender or Magnolia.

The last, most daring proposal is to vary the fragrance with different fragrance notes, seemingly different. This will create a completely new composition of fragrances and you will surprise your guests! Use in the bedroom perfume diffuser Aphrodisiac Japanese Jasmine, with a subtle and sweet scent, to the bathroom introduce a clean and light scent – gel balls Fresh Laundry, and to smaller interiors try to bring scented sachets Aphrodisiac Vanilla and Pepper – sweet and spicy. Each fragrance variant will be surprisingly charming.

Match the scent to the situation…

Differentiating an interior with a fragrance is particularly applicable when you want to adapt the atmosphere to the season of the year or an upcoming occasion. In spring, when plants wake up from winter torpor and slowly blossom, light, sweet and subtle fragrances will effectively bring freshness into your interior. In autumn, we miss the aroma of juicy fruit straight from the tree, home-made apple pie and we are slowly preparing for the cold season. In this situation, fruity and spicy fragrances, fresh, or heavy and strongly aromatic, will fit perfectly.

The rule is simple – fresh, sweet, floral and fruity scents are perfect for spring and summer. However, in autumn and winter it is worth getting wrapping and warm, fruity-spicy aromas.

When looking for a fragrance accessory for a given occasion, imagine with what you associate it best. An occasional fragrance is most often associated with a pleasant memory.

Christmas smells with aromatic cinnamon apple pie or a warming drink with orange and cloves, right? With sachets from the Seasonal line, you can have your favorite scent, always with you!

Easter, it’s cherry blossoms blooming on the trees and yellow narcissi in a vase at mom’s house. What a sentimental trip that would be! Any occasion is good to transform your interior with a fragrance.

Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Grandmother’s Day are all special holidays marked by flowers. Of course, roses and tulips dominate here. But why not give the whole set of aromatic flowers, hidden in the products from the Aphrodisiac line?

Change your interior!

Scents are a source of aesthetic impressions and emotions. And the sense of smell is important for the quality of life; it recognises and distinguishes a huge number of smells, reacts to an extremely small amount of an aromatic substance and to changes in its concentration. That is why it is worth taking care of the right smell at home and varying the interior with aromatic additives to create a comfortable and extremely friendly living space, to stimulate the senses and take care of the air quality in the house.

Read how fragrances affect mood and well-being ♥.

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