Who are we?

We are a Polish brand Mi Bellumi. Our products can be found in a permanent offer on foreign markets. Based on the compositions of leading manufacturers from Europe, we choose captivating scents and lock them in charming packaging to accompany you and satisfy your sense of smell.


Welcome to a world full of inspiring, and positive energy fragrance accessories by MiBellumi! ♥

Here you will find not only information about room fragrances, but also tips on how and why to incorporate room fresheners. We will tell you about several methods to diversify a room, thanks to appropriate scents. We will answer the question why the quality of air at home is important and how you can improve it, thanks to a few simple steps. We will show you how to use scented diffusers with sticks, where to put the best scented sachets and how to bring a bit of joy thanks to scented gel balls. You will find out what aromas go together and create an original fragrance composition. You will get inspired and learn what fragrance to choose for your bathroom, living room, bedroom or office. You will also find information about all fragrance notes from our fragrance collections, and check which partners we work with to make your shopping experience more convenient. Curious? Check out our blog, join the colorful world of MiBellumi and enjoy a wonderful fragrance every day!