Interior fragrance accessories – what kind to choose?

We often do not realize how scent can affect our mood. In order to have a wonderful, pleasant and stimulating scent at home, it is worth to consider a suitable fragrance additive. Currently, there are many different air fresheners available for various purposes. However, which air freshener is best to choose and where should it […]

We often do not realize how scent can affect our mood. In order to have a wonderful, pleasant and stimulating scent at home, it is worth to consider a suitable fragrance additive. Currently, there are many different air fresheners available for various purposes. However, which air freshener is best to choose and where should it be placed to maximize its function? We suggest which type of fragrance accesories will be the answer to your needs.

Reed diffusers with rattan sticks – a class of its own

Versatile and elegant decoration of any home

Do you like it when a light but noticeable scent is in the air all the time? The solution for you will be a classic diffuser in a glass bottle, commonly known as fragranced sticks.

A reed diffuser continuously releases a pleasant scent from the moment you open the flacon and place the rattan sticks in it. It is a brilliant option that does not require additional sources of heat or power.

This type of fragrance add-on works well in almost any room. Of course, you can also adjust the intensity of the scent depending on your preferences and the size of the space. You can also adjust the intensity of the scent according to your preferences and the size of the space. And you can increase the power of the aroma by adding more.

Elegant and universal design of the flacon will perfectly complement not only minimalist, but also modern, industrial, art deco, or Scandinavian interiors. You can put the diffuser in any room – from the living room to the bathroom. In each will present itself beautifully!

If you work in an office, you can safely take the fragrance with you. Provided, of course, that it suits the other employees as well

Energy of color and scented gel balls

Colorful decoration – not only for the bathroom

Many people wonder where to put scented gel balls outside the bathroom? There are many possibilities, just choose your favorite fragrance and match the addition to the color scheme of the interior.

The unquestionable advantage of this type of air freshener, besides the aromatic interior, are of course, energizing colors! Gel balls are a joyful proposal, especially for spring and summer, when colors around motivate us to action.

Scented gel balls in minimalist packaging you can incorporate into many interiors – bathroom, toilet and hallway and kitchen. They are also great for smaller spaces – in the car, wardrobe or closet. Adjustable cap allows you to easily change the intensity of the aroma.

The simple design of the packaging makes the fragrance balls are not only a universal decoration, but also protects them from spillage. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about stains on your beloved carpet or discoloration on the panels in case of accidental knocking down.

Scent sachets wherever you go

Your favorite fragrance always handy

Who doesn’t like to have their favourite fragrance with them at all times? If you are one of those people, then these sachets are perfect for you! Their handy, small size packaging allows you to place them almost anywhere.

Scented sachets MiBellumi have a double-sided tape attachment, which does not leave a trace in the place of use and allows you to place the sachet in a discreet place, just after removing the protective foil.

The compactness of the packaging means that the sachet can be placed on a closet wall, chest of drawers or shoe cupboard. Sachets will also work well thrown loosely into a laundry basket or a drawer with underwear. Just remember not to crush the sachet too hard so that the pleasant aroma can be released freely!

Scented sachets are also a great option for travelling – just throw them in your suitcase, stick them in your car or take them loose in your handbag or backpack. The flat packaging means they don’t take up much space.

Where is it best to use a particular fragrance accesory?

There is no rule as to where you should place a given product – it all depends on your needs and preferences. You can place scented additives in any space, but it is worth remembering a few simple rules to maximize their potential and prolong the life of products.

  1. The rattan sticks in our Classic fragrance diffusers continuously release a pleasant scent. Just 2 sticks are enough for an optimal scent. However, you can add a 3rd and 4th stick to intensify the aroma in the air, but remember that the fragrance will evaporate much faster.
  2. The wooden ring in Aphrodisiac diffusers also emits a fragrance composition, making the scent stronger even with fewer sticks.
  3. Diffusers with sticks and scented gel balls do not require additional sources of heat or ventilation, but placed near a window or radiator they evaporate faster, releasing more fragrance.
  4. Gel balls release fragrance by evaporation. If you prefer a milder aroma, peel off only part of the protective foil or add a small amount of water to the pack and stir.
  5. Scented sachets placed in a tight space will not adequately convey the aroma. It is better to place them freely in a drawer or attach them with an attached tape.

Quick change of the interior thanks to fragrances

It is a well-known fact that scent is a kind of decoration of the interior. A pleasant aroma helps to create a coherent vibe at home, giving the right mood (focus, relaxation, stimulation) during the day, calming after a difficult day at work, or simply to improve mood.

  • Surrounding yourself with seasonal scents associated with a particular occasion (such as the smell of apple and cinnamon for the holidays) will create the right atmosphere throughout your home.
  • Fresh and citrusy scents will bring a sense of lightness and cleanliness to your home. You will love the feeling you get after cleaning.
  • Floral scents are light, they are mostly associated with women, but hardly anyone knows that they can bring a romantic and sensual atmosphere into the bedroom.
  • Sweet fragrance notes, most often fruity and floral, stimulate senses, affect mood and appetite. They are ideal for every day – to the living room or office.
  • Heavier, spicy aromas are most often chosen by men because of their deep and woody fragrance notes. Products with spicy notes are multidimensional compositions, mysterious or oriental, like Vanilla from Madagascar.

How to arrange an interior with the use of fragrance accessories?

It’s your creativity that counts! Every fragrance has its own function, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick rigidly to the rules. You can freely mix together different fragrance additives, creating completely new compositions in interiors. When you care about consistency, choose additives with similar fragrance notes (from one fragrance group), which will create a leitmotif in your space.

Fragrance diffusers with sticks work well as a decoration for the living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. You can put them in a decorative arrangement on a bookcase or on a decorative tray placed on the table, right next to a vase with flowers. The scented sticks will also work well as decoration of a windowsill with potted flowers or a shelf for trinkets.

Scented gel balls work well as a colorful accent, complementing the theme of the room. You can reuse them after use as a decoration of a glass vessel or filling a vase. The universal design of the packaging makes them work well placed on their own on the windowsill, in the toilet, in the car, in the closet – there are many possibilities!

The most discreet fragrance accessories are sachets, traditionally used for the closet. However, they can fill with a beautiful aroma the interior of a woman’s handbag, underwear drawer, sports bag for shoes, and even a suitcase for travel. This is an option for fans of aromatic fragrance, accompanying at any time.

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