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Expressive, hot pepper combined with the sweetness of vanilla attract, add mystery and sensuality.

Crispness and softness combined with determination.

Regulation of scent intensity

Select the number of sachets depending on the size of the space. Put one sachet in a medium drawer, about 3 in a large closet.

You can also adjust the intensity of the fragrance by sliding the sachet more or less out of the protective foil of the sachet.

Cruelty free

Easy to use



Take your favorite fragrance with you wherever you need to go!

  • Scented sachets work well at home – place them in your closet or dresser to enjoy fragrant clothes every day, put them in your laundry basket or shoe cupboard to get rid of unpleasant smells
  • Take the sachet with you on a trip – put the sachet in your suitcase or bag, not only to keep your clothes fresh, but also to constantly surround yourself with a pleasant fragrance
  • Place the packaging in the car – refresh the interior of your car or throw the sachet in the trunk to add freshness to the space
  • Put a fragrance sachet in your purse – your favorite scent will give you self-confidence also outside your home
  • The sachets are perfect for the office – to create a favorable space, equip yourself with the right fragrance that will stimulate your senses and body

Do you know that…

Memory is directly related to emotions? By surrounding yourself with your favorite fragrance, you can increase your sense of comfort and improve your mood.

Get inspired!


The possibility of differentiating the smell depending on the purpose


The combination of Vanilla and Pepper adds elegance to any space


The universal packaging can be stuck in the wardrobe and put into a bag


Experience the Mi Bellumi quality

Mi Bellumi is a Polish brand, created to change the interior with a wonderful aroma! Products created in Poland, delight with enticing scents and universal design. They are a fantastic decoration of the house.

You’ll find a wide selection of room fragrance accessories that will fill any space with original fragrance notes, inspired by nature, spreading a positive aura around!

Choose from fresh, floral, fruity, or oriental fragrances that will satisfy even the most demanding noses.

Trust Mi Bellumi. ♥

How to use

With just a few simple, steps, you can enjoy a wonderful aroma!

How to use scented sachets?

  1. Remove the sachet from the plastic wrap
  2. Peel off the sealing tape on the back of the sachet
  3. Place in desired location

You can also place the sachet loosely in a drawer. However, don’t put anything over the sachet so that the fragrance can be released freely.


To enjoy the fragrance even more, adjust the intensity to the size of the space:

  • Put one sachet in the medium drawer
  • For a large closet, approximately 3

You can also adjust the intensity of the fragrance by sliding the sachet more or less from the protective foil.



The product consists of:

  • – 1 pcs fragrance sachet with a handy size of 11,5 cm x 11,5 cm
  • – Each sachet contains 7g of fragrance granules.
  • – For comfortable use, the scented sachet is attached with double-sided adhesive tape.

Pepper & Vanille Fragrance Notes

Top note (first impression): white tea, rice

Middle note (dominant): cherry blossom, heliotrope

Base note (deep): musk, vanilla, woody notes



Top note

This is the most important note for you. It’s what you get when you open the bottle and it’s what determines whether or not you like a fragrance. The top note is fresh, pleasant and extremely pleasing for the nose and invites you to explore the depths of the fragrance. It is usually a composition of light and refreshing aromas – flowers or citrus fruits.

Middle note

This is a note that gives products their character, is durable and unchangeable. It is the main theme of a fragrance. In the heart note, spicy or woody aromas are perceptible. It also includes floral and fruit aromas. They give the composition its expressiveness.

Base note

The last note is less intense than the others, but it determines the character of the fragrance. It has the longest durability – its aroma evaporates very slowly. You will find it heavy and extremely aromatic fragrances. Their task is to sustain the fragrance and provide the energy.