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A combination of sweet, vanilla, fruity and woody aromas is a perfect and mysterious combination.

Additional sensuality is added by a note of cinnamon, creating a perfect combination of scented air freshener.


Use 4 or 5 sticks for a stronger aroma, use 2 or 3 for a softer fragrance.

For a more intense aroma, we recommend rotating the sticks every 2 days or placing the product in a place with good airflow.

Glass Bottle

Cruelty free

Natural rattan sticks

Easy to use


Choose a fragrance for a gift

Why you should choose reed diffuser?

  • – constantly releases a beautiful scent of home,
  • – stimulates the senses, enveloping the space with aroma
  • – elegant design of a glass flacon
  • – universal decoration of interiors in different styles

It is perfect as a gift to your loved ones – spouse, parents, siblings, friends and acquaintances, or the other half.

We believe that the subtle fragrant addition to the house will bring a smile to their face ♥

Get inspired!


Ability to vary the fragrance depending on the room


Beautiful glass flacon, ideal as a gift for a loved oneBeautiful glass flacon, ideal as a gift for a loved one


Universal decoration for all rooms in the house


Get to know Mi Bellumi quality

Mi Bellumi is a Polish brand, created to change the interior with a wonderful aroma! Products created in Poland, delight with enticing scents and universal design. They are a fantastic decoration of the house.

You will find here a wide selection of fragrance accessories for rooms that will fill any place with original fragrance notes inspired by nature, spreading a positive aura around!

Choose from fresh, floral, fruity, or oriental-spicy fragrances that will satisfy even the most demanding noses.

Trust Mi Bellumi. ♥

How to use

Just a few simple steps to enjoy a wonderful aroma!

How to use the aroma diffuser with sticks?


  1. Unpack the diffuser (glass bottle and rattan cotton buds) from the cardboard box.
  2. Remove the safety cap from the glass flacon.
  3. Place the wooden sticks in the flacon. Done!

To enjoy the fragrance even more, adjust the intensity to the size of the room:

– An optimal, unobtrusive scent will be provided by 2 or 3 sticks.

– For a more intensive fragrance, use 4 or 5 sticks.

You can maintain the intensive effect by rotating the sticks every few days

Remember that placing a diffuser close to heat sources such as a radiator causes the aroma composition to evaporate faster. The speed of evaporation also depends on air humidity, the number of sticks used, and the frequency of their rotation.


Get to know Aphrodisiac Line

The product consists of:

  •  5 pieces of sticks, 23 cm long
  •  1 glass bottle with dimensions of 4.5 x 4.5 x 10 cm, with wooden ring, filled with 100 ml of fragrance composition
  •  The whole packed in a cardboard box with dimensions of 6 x 8 x 24,5 cm

Vanilla from Madagascar Fragrance Notes

Top note (felt first): fruity, buttery

Middle note ( dominant ): vanilla, milk, cinnamon, candy

Base note (deep): woody, powdery



Top note

This is the most important note for you. It’s what you get when you open the bottle and it’s what determines whether or not you like a fragrance. The top note is fresh, pleasant and extremely pleasing for the nose and invites you to explore the depths of the fragrance. It is usually a composition of light and refreshing aromas – flowers or citrus fruits.

Middle note

This is a note that gives products their character, is durable and unchangeable. It is the main theme of a fragrance. In the heart note, spicy or woody aromas are perceptible. It also includes floral and fruit aromas. They give the composition its expressiveness.

Base note

The last note is less intense than the others, but it determines the character of the fragrance. It has the longest durability – its aroma evaporates very slowly. You will find it heavy and extremely aromatic fragrances. Their task is to sustain the fragrance and give it energy.