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The scent of fresh laundry

The scent of fresh laundry reminds of carefree childhood, when playing outside, you could smell the subtle scent of fresh, white laundry drying in the sun.

This fragrance is delicate and will give a sense of cleanliness to any room.


Use the lid of the packaging to adjust the intensity of the fragrance.

For the strongest aroma, take off the entire lid. The fragrance will be more delicate if you take off the lid halfway and fold it so that half of the package is open.

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Beads can give the room a bit of fancy and nonchalant character.

Unique decoration will successfully find a place in the toilet, bathroom, kitchen or hallway. You can also successfully place it in a discreet place such as a closet, drawer, trash can, or on the shelf under the sink.

The scented beads offer two benefits – the scent can positively affect our comfort and the packaging with the balls adds color to any room.

Get inspired!


The smell of fresh laundry can freshen up your bedroom and help you relax


Gel beads packaging adds a splash of color to your bathroom


Place scented gel beads under the sink to give a discreet scent to your space


Experience the Mi Bellumi quality

Mi Bellumi is a Polish brand, created to change the interior with a wonderful aroma! Products created in Poland, delight with enticing scents and universal design. They are a fantastic decoration of the house.

You’ll find a wide selection of room fragrance accessories that will fill any space with original fragrance notes, inspired by nature, spreading a positive aura around!

Choose from fresh, floral, fruity, or oriental fragrances that will satisfy even the most demanding noses.

Trust Mi Bellumi. ♥

How to use

With just a few simple, steps, you can enjoy a wonderful aroma!

How to use scented gel balls?

  1. Unscrew the cap.
  2. Remove the protective cap.
  3. Close the package. Ready!

Use the cap to adjust the fragrance intensity.

For the strongest aroma, tear off the whole cap. The fragrance will be more delicate if you tear off the lid halfway and fold it so that half of the package is open.

Remember that placing gel balls near heat sources such as a radiator makes the fragrance composition evaporate faster. The speed of evaporation also depends on air humidity, air circulation, and whether the lid is broken completely or halfway.


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Product consists of:

  • 1 pcs plastic package with dimensions 6,5 x 6,5 x 7,7 cm
  • Each package is filled with 150g of intensively scented gel balls

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The scent of fresh laundry is a delicate and refreshing scent that is associated with order and calm.

This aroma can give your space a light and pleasant atmosphere.